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Poetry by Sloane Angelou

Sloane Angelou is a 2021 Eloquent Mag poetry winner for the theme // N O S T A L G I A //. The One Minute Man By Sloane Angelou this conversation with this man it started by the poolside there was no reason except there was a job to do we both had jobs to do; by the poolside I, minding my business was offered an apology which I took for no reason except there was a job to do we both had jobs to do and mine required some privacy so this conversation with this man it started … Continue reading Poetry by Sloane Angelou

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Poetry by Jagruti Verma

Jagruti Verma is a 2021 winner of the Eloquent Mag poetry theme // N O S T A L G I A //. Missing By Jagruti Verma your hand would clutch the handlebar tight eyes twinkling at the thought of mine your bag would sling over your shoulders hiding away groceries I listed in the morning your back would lean against the hard metal resting as you laugh over my recent rant your sweat would spill all over your shirt forcing my perfume to come undone your feet would find a way home tracing steps from when we could love ABOUT … Continue reading Poetry by Jagruti Verma

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Poetry By Brian Sheffield

if you haven’t noticed i’m plagiarizing By Brian Sheffield When the last poem is ever written there will be a tempest of leaves falling away from the giggling face of a hoary ash tree in the front yard. The sun will be angled in the sky like the lure of a deep sea fish; and though there will be no teeth, there will be lights, a crash, and then a mother bending somewhere to pick up broken shards with a torn rag she intended to throw away three months ago. As a given hand — shaking either in gawking old … Continue reading Poetry By Brian Sheffield


The theme for the Fall 2021 edition of Eloquent Mag was NOSTALGIA. The winning poems will be posted on the website this month. They will also be published in the digital ISSUU copy of Eloquent Mag on September 15th. — Driver’s Ed by R. Skye Lambert My driver’s ed teacher used to prompt me all the time: Accelerate at the apex of the curve. Not before the curve. Not after the curve. At the apex. I just couldn’t wrap my 15-year-old brain around the concept. Why would I quicken my movement at a pivotal moment? Shouldn’t that be the slowest? … Continue reading POETRY WINNERS: NOSTALGIA

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Poetry by Michael Grandsoult

            G.B.C. By Michael Grandsoult 2 22, born and raised in Scarborough Ontario. Dual/duel, 2 nationalities I bear and hold carried over the border by my parents through customs cultural baggage of a Guyanese substance, bubbling in my body tropical hot blood like casareep in pepper pot. Declared not native to this nation foreign fruit that doesn’t take root, “climatic unsuitability.” Snowbound by cold racism, withholding growth. Soils used to maple, palm trees be gone please rejecting me to go back home. But home is unknown. Only folklore fork loads of food musical milieu, cultures much more. My exotics whitewashed, … Continue reading Poetry by Michael Grandsoult

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Poetry Submissions Now Open

Submissions are now being accepted for the first Fall 2021 digital ISSUU of Eloquent Mag. Theme: // N O S T A L G I A // Each writer can submit up to three poems. If we print your piece, you will receive an honorarium. Submissions will be published in the first Fall 2021 ISSUU of Eloquent Mag. The publication will cost $2 to download, but published writers will receive a free download. Email your submission with a small bio and photo/headshot to Google docs format is preferred, but we will also accept Word format. Deadline: August 15th. Continue reading Poetry Submissions Now Open

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Poetry by Leslie Cairns

Birthstone A garland of mortician’s rubies hangs Itself, drooping Over now marred, once Porcelain skin Does anyone else hold themselves up like rubies? Birth stone rare Collecting each moment like it could gleam off the titrates of my once-too-there Collarbones. The collarbones drive you away, The collarbones caved inwards until you, at last, completely Stared there. At least I have a garland of rare, As I’m shouting at the black hole that is depression, or a set of dampened stairs. Slicked shouting at the stars to marry me – stone cold soberly, Notes tinged with once almost vertical sunsets, The … Continue reading Poetry by Leslie Cairns