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MikeAll Talks the US vs. Canadian Hip Hop Complex and the ‘Each One Teach One’ Philosophy

BY JD BRANT Earlier this month, the United States’ neighbor to the north, Canada, announced border openings allowing vaccinated Americans to travel freely through the country. But the second-largest country in the world is still battling rising COVID cases. As of November 22, there are 1.77 million COVID cases country-wide, a number that is concerning to both travelers and Canadian citizens. While some Canadians remain uncertain of what the new year will bring mid-pandemic, one thing is certain: People are trying to carry on with life as best as they can. Music and art remain strongholds for many people learning … Continue reading MikeAll Talks the US vs. Canadian Hip Hop Complex and the ‘Each One Teach One’ Philosophy

SINGLE STREAM REVIEW: Katherine Aly – ‘Rules’

Glasgow, UK sensation Katherine Aly has done it again with another Europop single and music video for “Rules,” a single she spoke to Eloquent Mag about at length earlier in the week. Sung with a beautiful, whispery intonation, a technique cleverly twilled by other contemporary Irish and Scottish pop singers such as Sinead O’Connor, Annie Lennox, and the late Dolores O’Riordan, “Rules” is a memorable piece with a visual earthiness; Katherine’s avant-garde outfit and wilderness backdrop center the experience, and we’re left wanting more from the young and visually stunning singer. Watch “Rules” below: Continue reading SINGLE STREAM REVIEW: Katherine Aly – ‘Rules’

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INTERVIEW: Katherine Aly on New Single, ‘Rules’

Alt-pop artist Katherine Aly is tracing new music to her master’s thesis as she explores themes of individual reality, boundary setting, and more. BY JAGRUTI VERMA Katherine Aly had started putting together “Rules”, her new single, back in 2018. It took her a few live performances to gauge that people would respond to it. The Edinburgh (UK) based alt-pop artist had never thought of the song as one that could be considered a hit. To her, it seemed to be speaking to people’s hearts, a tune that’s catchy on its own in an uncommon way. She tells us, “I recorded … Continue reading INTERVIEW: Katherine Aly on New Single, ‘Rules’

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K-Pop Princess Chantel Nicole Talks Branding, Imposter Syndrome, and Owning Your Voice

TikTok entertainer Chantel Nicole has turned her personal brand of K-Pop entertainment into a humble empire. BY JD BRANT When you watch the personal YouTube channel of triple-threat extraordinaire Chantel Nicole, you’ll discover videos where she speaks honestly to her fanbase, urging them to take their hobbies from fangirling afterthoughts to serious business objectives. The K-Pop and rnb dancer, whose charismatic personality on-screen has earned her singing credits on Mnet and in Seventeen and Bustle, knows a thing or two about getting a brand off the ground. From sponsorship choices to color concepts, even unofficially “trademarking” her palette called CHANTONES … Continue reading K-Pop Princess Chantel Nicole Talks Branding, Imposter Syndrome, and Owning Your Voice

Single Stream Review: Fugitive Moods – ‘These Walls’

Via Press Release In 2016 Collin Troy de Larrew found himself a threadbare soul languishing among the spectacular landscapes of the New Mexico high desert. His music career was disintegrating and his personal life was in disarray.  It was symbolized by the barren walls of an empty home and the ramshackle remains of a hodgepodge home recording studio.  Abandoned, betrayed, and lost, De Larrew’s life had been overturned in a matter of months.  Although battered and frayed, his world was held together by two unbreakable strings: the art he had dedicated his life to creating, and the two children he … Continue reading Single Stream Review: Fugitive Moods – ‘These Walls’

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IAMEVE’s immersive LP is boundless and necessary during these times of strange. By JD Brant Mamas in Music co-founder and indie electronic musician Tiff Randol (IAMEVE) learned that, as a new mother, sometimes the best thing you can do for your child is to let go. “As a mother, I have learned that there are times to hold my screaming toddler no matter what, so he knows he isn’t alone, and there are times I lovingly walk away to give him space to work through it,” she said in an interview with Mundane Mag. Letting go of control, instead of … Continue reading ALBUM REVIEW: IAMEVE – ‘Archetype’

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ALBUM REVIEW: Jordana Talsky – ‘Zahava’

[This is a sponsored content post] Canadian singer/songwriter Jordana Talsky produces pure gold with a musical project that is deserving of all high remarks. Zahava, meaning “golden” in Hebrew, is a universal study on muscle and memory; all instrumentation is produced solely from vocal and body loops the artist created using a Roland Boss RC505 loop station. The Sara Bareilles look-alike has been praised before for her ingenious use of a capella technique by CBC Music and LA Music Critic, and her song, “RUN” was a finalist pick for the 2018 CBC Searchlight Contest. Jordana was also a finalist in … Continue reading ALBUM REVIEW: Jordana Talsky – ‘Zahava’

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Poetry by Sloane Angelou

Sloane Angelou is a 2021 Eloquent Mag poetry winner for the theme // N O S T A L G I A //. The One Minute Man By Sloane Angelou this conversation with this man it started by the poolside there was no reason except there was a job to do we both had jobs to do; by the poolside I, minding my business was offered an apology which I took for no reason except there was a job to do we both had jobs to do and mine required some privacy so this conversation with this man it started … Continue reading Poetry by Sloane Angelou

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Poetry by Jagruti Verma

Jagruti Verma is a 2021 winner of the Eloquent Mag poetry theme // N O S T A L G I A //. Missing By Jagruti Verma your hand would clutch the handlebar tight eyes twinkling at the thought of mine your bag would sling over your shoulders hiding away groceries I listed in the morning your back would lean against the hard metal resting as you laugh over my recent rant your sweat would spill all over your shirt forcing my perfume to come undone your feet would find a way home tracing steps from when we could love ABOUT … Continue reading Poetry by Jagruti Verma

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INTERVIEW: Racquel Jones

By JD Brant “We spend so much time fighting to be who we are, and not evolving.” – Racquel Jones on being a woman (IG video post) Racquel Jones has gumption, a required trait for those seeking longevity in a forever-shifting industry. Gumption is not to be confused with grit. Grit is doing what it takes because it is expected of you. Gumption is doing what it takes with no perceived expectation. Despite the odds. Despite no odds. Regardless of the consequences or what people think. Gumption is correcting the uninformed with a megaphone. Whether they are receptive to the … Continue reading INTERVIEW: Racquel Jones