About Eloquent Mag

Eloquent Mag is an independently-funded, arts-based publication for the intelligent, curious, and engaged reader. The project is a long-time coming, and at the helm is a music and human interest writer with over a decades-worth of clips, reviews, and profiles to show for it.

The goal is to eventually turn Eloquent Mag into a biannual, alternative print zine that will feature art from Buffalo and beyond. The idea was largely inspired by a pandemic essay written by the Editor-in-Chief and published at The Good Men Project, as well as a comment from the editor’s friend, who used “eloquently” to describe her writing. The word stuck.

We are currently accepting donations for our first print edition in 2022 at http://venmo.com/artwithaptitude. Our kickstarter will begin in early 2021. We want to create a space for value-based writing to live on, and we hope to fund this dream.

Let’s build something together.