Poetry by Jagruti Verma

Jagruti Verma is a 2021 winner of the Eloquent Mag poetry theme // N O S T A L G I A //.



By Jagruti Verma

your hand would clutch the handlebar tight

eyes twinkling at the thought of mine

your bag would sling over your shoulders

hiding away groceries I listed in the morning

your back would lean against the hard metal

resting as you laugh over my recent rant

your sweat would spill all over your shirt

forcing my perfume to come undone

your feet would find a way home

tracing steps from when we could love

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Shuttling between two metropolitan cities in India, Jagruti Verma is a journalist striving to make a living off words. If you fall under her good people radar, you will make a friend for life. 

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